World’s Toughest Job – Billions Already Do It!

Do you have what it takes to handle the World’s Toughest Job?

American Greetings posted a fake “Director of Operations” job listing online and in newspapers creating over 2 million impressions and only 24 responses. During the interview process for the position, candidates found out the job required 135 hours a week, constant mobility, no breaks or holidays, and worst of all…no pay!

Candidates became shocked and terrified, even asking “is that even legal”? However, they soon realized that billions of people do this job every day, quickly turning them from terrified to teary-eyed.

So, who are these billions of people who work for free every day of the year in the world’s toughest position? MOMS!

Thank you to all the Moms out there and happy Mother’s Day!


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