Careers You Did Not Consider

By: CLAUDINE VAINRUB, MBA | Principal | EduPlan, LLC


Everyone knows that registered nurses and computer engineers make a lot of money, but did you know a postsecondary teacher can earn $51,800? Or that general and operations managers earn an average of $77,420?

No matter who you are or what you want, there’s a job for you! For example, if you’re all about the money consider becoming a computer hardware engineer ($91,860), a post secondary health specialties professor or business teacher ($98,000 median salary), or get a Ph.D. in physics and make an average salary of $96,850. If spending more than 4 years in college isn’t your cup of tea, consider becoming a marketing manager ($95,320 median salary) or a petroleum engineer ($94,330).

If you want be green and make green, you’re in luck. President Obama promises to create 5 million green jobs in everything from sales, government, nonprofits and more. There are exciting fields like energy generation, transportation, agriculture, waste management, wastewater treatment, research and advocacy that are good for the planet and help you make money. For example, construction managers and industrial engineers make more than $70,000 a year. Environmental scientists and specialists make $58,380 in a field projected to grow 25.1%. Construction and building inspectors as well as plumbers, electricians, pipefitters and steamfitters make more than $44,000. Geoscientists make a $75,800 in a field projected to grow 21.9%.

If you hate dressing up and commuting to work, why not work from home? You can be a consultant in a wide variety of areas such as engineering, finance, HR, IT or science, do customer service, creative services, field sales, professional services like accounting, tax or legal; research, telemarketing, translation, writing and editing, web design and development.

If you fear being bored in cubicle city, you’re not alone. 25% of all Americans come to work just to get a paycheck while only 50% of workers say they’re satisfied with their current jobs according to The Conference Board Survey on job satisfaction. So why not do something fun like Emergency Medical Technician, Flight Attendant, Buyer, Event Planner, Futurist ($98,603 a year for consultants), Nonprofit Fundraiser, or even a casino worker (casinos are open 24/7 so there’s plenty of work to be done).

Want even more fun? A Food Stylist can make anywhere from $150 a day to $850 if the person has the creative ability to make food look attractive and delicious. Makeup artists can make $400 to $600 a day, an experienced sommelier (wine expert) makes $80k to $160k, park naturalists develop programs that inform the public of wonderful places like Yellowstone and they make $45,000 to $56,000 a year. Want to sail the seven seas without joining the Navy? Become a yacht captain ($45,000 to $135,000 depending on the size of the ship). If flying is more your style, consider that pilots can make up to $100,000 a year. If you have a chemistry background but don’t like traditional chemistry jobs, consider becoming a flavorist and the food industry will pay you $55,000+. Are people always accusing you of being a clown? They won’t be laughing when they hear you’re making $40 to $150 an hour.


If you’re worried about our current recession or any future recessions, there are recession-proof jobs to consider. Society will always need police officers ($49,288, 11% growth through 2016), insurance sales agents (13% growth), pharmacy technicians (32% growth), and if you like helping people in their moments of grief, become a Funeral Director (12% growth, $87,383 average salary).

If you have the Peter Pan syndrome and don’t want to grow up, you don’t have to go to Never Never Land to make money. Jobs like Toy Tester pay an average of $63,999. If you love going to concerts consider becoming a security guard, ticket taker or food vendor. Like children but don’t want to become a teacher? Camp counselors and directors work with young people in pristine natural environments. If you love the nightline and hate waking up in the morning, becoming a Bartender can be lucrative and fun. If you were the high school quarterback or simply love sports, why not become a coach and get $49,024 a year teaching the art of touchdowns?

Are you a social butterfly? Spread your wings becoming a public relations specialist ($41,549), school counselor, mediator, school administration ($74,092), employee training director ($84,145), demonstrator, recruiter/headhunter ($48,657), or an employee interviewer ($48,657). Some emerging fields like Life Coach don’t even require a college education and can pay as much as $64,523.

Last but not least, check out CareerBuilder’s Top-10 Position for 2010: Tax accountant, compliance director, credit manager or supervisor, senior financial analyst, network administrator, information systems security manager, systems engineer, medical records clerk, customer service representative, executive assistant.
There are many more careers this article does not cover, that is why is important to hire an experienced career and educational consultant that can provide ideas of the right fit with your skills and interests. This is not an expense but an investment that can save you time, make you money and provide happiness in the long run.




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